GNS Value Based Analytics

Selection - Optimized Interventions
Scale - Large and Diverse Health Care Data Sets
Impact - Combine Economic and Clinical Models

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Predicting Intervention ROI
Dramatically Reducing Costs


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Personalized Interventions that Work

● Improve Population Health
● Reduce Costs
● Eliminate Waste

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How We Do It

GNS uses a unique combination of big data risk, efficacy, and engagement analytics to predict personalized intervention ROI.

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Health Plans

GNS Analytic Solutions for Health Plans drive personalized interventions that deliver better ROI, reduce wasteful spending and improve STARS and HEDIS scores.

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GNS Analytic Solutions for Providers drive personalized interventions to deliver better clinical outcomes and improve population health.

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GNS Analytic Solutions for Pharma enable value-based payment models, better matching of treatment to patients, and intervention solutions that go beyond the pill to drive better overall health of patients.

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Foundations and Clinical Research Centers

GNS Analytic Solutions for Foundations and Clinical Research Centers rapidly uncover new and innovative therapeutic pathways and biomarkers for novel diagnostics.

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